Hope and Life Cameroon

A partner organization of KamerunGO!

Hope and Life Cameroon is a humanitarian association that works to improve the living conditions of the population so that they can live better.

It is governed by Law 90/053 of 19 December 1990 relating to freedom of association, authorisation number 018/2018/RDA/C19/SAAJP of 16 January 2018 of the prefect of the Wouri department.

Hope and Life Cameroon

With our association Hope and Life Cameroon, we want to establish the first medical center in Bekoko and manage it with local employees. The goal is to create a point of contact that offers advice and prevention work. Our goal is to improve the health situation in Bekoko in the long term.


We plan to open the medical center in January 2019. More information will be provided in the coming weeks.

Our goals

  • Our goal is to raise awareness of tropical diseases that threaten society, such as malaria and tuberculosis.
  • Promote self-help and assistance based on the principles of equity for young people, families, disaster victims and the elderly.
  • Co-operate with associations with similar goals and objectives

Our values and priorities

Our goal is to improve the health situation in Cameroon on a sustainable way.

Efficiency and measureability of actions

Evidence-based health interventions that meet the needs and desires of the population.

Innovation and sustainability

Innovative and locally adapted health interventions, sustainable and sustainable.

Integrity and fairness

Commitment to provide assistance to all people, regardless of their creed, gender or ethnicity.


Dynamic collaboration with all stakeholders for national coverage

The Medical Center

The KamerunGO association! aims to create a health centre run by local employees. It will be a care and consultation centre and we will work with local hospitals if necessary.

Residents of Bekoko and the surrounding area will be able to receive assistance in the event of acute illness, accidents and health advice. In addition, children will be able to be vaccinated and small interventions for the elderly will be carried out on site, which is not currently possible in the region. Our goal is to continuously and sustainably improve the health situation in the region. We will work with hospitals or other medical centres in the area.

The Team


Honoré Moundo

Samuel Mpome, Head of Administration

Rene Samuel
Marcel V
Executive President


Victorine Marcelle II TCHAMGOUE
General Secretary


MPOME Claude Marcel
Vice president


Responsible Finance


MOUTO Catherin
Marketing and Communication